Sofitel Buffet


Cold Cuts

Cheese, fruits and nuts

Salad bar in the front and their sushi selection at the back. Cold seafood at the far end of the photo, including prawns, lobster, oysters, etc.

Fresh salmon and tuna sashimi

Pasta Station

Carving Station

Their cake selection
By 2:30 they were starting to put away the food and I noticed one of the waitresses dumping all the leftover cakes into a tray. My tito and I were curious as to what they do with their leftovers so we asked the waitress and she said that they throw them away. How sad is that? Imagine how many street children they can make happy.

Chocolate fountains and fresh fruit

Crepe station (only mango, strawberry and apple sauce options), cupcakes, three different flavors of mousse

Cookies and different kinds of sweets

Halo-Halo Station

Mango and Strawberry flavored ice cream

Foie Gras
The waiter even offered to cook me some since the ones on display were already a bit cold, then served it to my table

Pesto Pasta

Chocolate mousse, cereal cluster, macaroon and my mango crepe with mango ice cream

Comments / More Information:
- Spiral is still undergoing renovation and is scheduled to open by October 2012
- This buffet is located in Le Bar, one floor higher than where Spiral is located in Sofitel
- This buffet is just temporary until Spiral opens
- The buffet selection is definitely not as extensive as Spiral's since the area is smaller
- Quality of food and service is still as great
- I am not sure of the rates since my tita was the one who treated us out for lunch, please call Sofitel to inquire 
- Their lunch buffet is only until 2:30 pm
- I was not able to take photos of the entire buffet, I missed some parts like their Chinese food selection

Sorry I wasn't able to take photos of the entire buffet and all of my plates! And that I haven't made a post in awhile. I've been pretty much drowning in schoolwork so I didn't have much time on my hands but hopefully now I'll be back to making posts regularly. Thank you for reading!!!

Sofitel Manila
Address: CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City
Website: http://www.sofitel.com/gb/hotel-6308-sofitel-philippine-plaza-manila/index.shtml 
Telephone No.: 551-5555, 551-5610
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SofitelManila 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SofitelManila 


  1. WOW that is one incredible buffet. I would probably be trying to eat as many of the different kinds of things as possible!

  2. It looks amazing! The chocolate fountain looks delicious :)

    - Victoria

    1. Yup it was!! The foie gras was amazing as well ♥ It was cooked to perfection

  3. This buffet looks so delicious. I love bread, especially when it's fresh.
    Nice post


  4. Looks like one tasty breakfast! Looks like you had a great time in europe!

    1. It was! And yes I did, Europe's amazing ♥