Ukokkei Ramen Ron

Ukokkei Ramen Ron

Cash only basis


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"Shoyu" - soy based

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"Shio" - salt based

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Miso based

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Yaki Gyoza (5 pcs): PHP 120

My mom's Ukokkei Miso Butter Corn: PHP 360

My dad's Ukokkei Hiyashi Ramen Goma: PHP 360

My Ukokkei Miso Chashu: PHP 380

I added Ajitamago (marinated half-boiled egg) to my ramen: + PHP 40
I never eat my ramen without this!

Comments / Suggestions:
- They over charged us
- My parents wanted to order the lunch sets but the waiter told us that they were out of stock / not available and it was only 12 noon
- They don't accept credit cards, just cash
- The waiters weren't so professional/ friendly
- When you decide to eat here, make sure to eat your ramen with ajitamago!
- Definitely the best ramen I've ever had in Manila

Address: G/F Tesoro Bldg., 822 A. Arnaiz Ave. (Pasay Road)
San Lorenzo Village, Makati City
Telephone No.: 856-4588


  1. yummy ramen! but i agree, servers aren't so accomodating

    1. Such a shame! The first time I went there I was with my parents and my dad refuses to go back just cause of the service