Ha-Neul Mart

Ha-Neul Mart, a Korean store in Ortigas

Their selection of Korean ice cream!

From popsicles to ice cream bars to ice cream sandwiches to mochi ice cream to sundaes to ice candies to frozen milkshakes to AHHHH

My dad got the red bean fish ice cream while... I got everything else. Hehe

Cookies n cream ice cream sandwiched between two thin layers of sponge cake
PHP 45

Vanilla ice cream and red bean
PHP 45

Vanilla ice cream bar covered with chocolate then coated with chocolate cookie crumbs. Careful when eating this though, it's a mess!
PHP 30

The flavor I (accidentally) got was bubblegum and it was so gross! Well maybe that's just because I hate bubblegum flavored things. I wouldn't have even bothered trying it out if I've known, but the cashier told me it was soda flavored. What a waste...
PHP 30

Sorry for the low quality photos, I just used my iPhone to take these!

Ha-Neul Mart 
Address: G-116 Grand Emerald Tower, Ortigas Jr. Rd San Antonio, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Telephone No.: 703-7006, 570-8996


  1. The red bean fish ice cream is one of my favorites! I don't like anything bubblegum flavored either, yuck. Especially when it's in the form of ice cream ;P

    Ahh, this post is making me want to stop by the Korean Market for some snacks, lol.

    1. I looove the red bean fish ice cream ♥ I live right across the Korean store and I haven't quite figured out if it's a good (because it's so yummy) or bad (unnecessary spending/calories) thing Haha!!