Now Open: Ginza Bairin in Manila

International restaurant Ginza Bairin opened their first branch in the Philippines last Wednesday, July 24 in Glorietta 2. They have several stores in Asia including Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai and two branches in Hawaii. They have a simple menu consisting of mostly tonkatsu and katsudon.
The man behind (if I'm not mistaken) is Yoshijiro Miyakozawa himself, international head chef of Ginza Bairin.
Left to right: tonkatsu sauce, salad dressings (two tall bottles), chili oil, chili powder, pink himalayan salt
Katsu Sando PHP 215
"An original Ginza Bairin creation of crisp hire katsu sandwiched between soft, freshly baked bread, and seasoned with two sauces." 
This was the first time I've ever heard and tasted a Katsu Sando, and I have to say I really like it. The meat was really tender and had a crunchy coating that went well with the soft white bread. It was tasty too, especially with the kick that the mustard gave.
Korokke PHP 110
"Japanese potato croquettes."
Hot and mushy inside, impressed with how they managed to fry it perfectly while still retaining its shape. 
Chicken Katsu (a la carte) PHP 75 
Gyoza PHP 150
Interesting way of pan frying gyoza, genius, really. A different kind of crunch to the oldie but goodie dish.
Rosu Katsu Set (large) PHP 395
"Moist, flavorful loin."
The set comes with the katsu (large is 150g, small is 100g), Japanese rice, miso soup, pickled vegetables, shredded cabbage and a side of fruit. There wasn't one drop of oil underneath the wire rack which is again impressive, though that didn't stop me from feeling a bit woozy after that 'fry after fry after fry' meal. Not complaining though!

Ginza Bairin 
Address: GF Glorietta 2, along Palm Drive, Ayala Center, Makati (entrance is from outside the mall, near Coffee Bean)
Website: http://www.ginzabairin.com.hk/index_eng.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GinzaBairin.PH
Telephone No.: 553-7350


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  3. I have never tried a katsu sandwich before. It looks delicious. :)

    1. It's so good! I love the hint of mustard in it too :)

  4. The food looks really good! I love the look of the restaurant. It looks very nice.

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  5. The food looks delicious, the place looks confortable!


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  11. The Rosu Katsu Set looks delish! The decor looks really clean and inviting as well :) I loooove Japanese food, could eat it all day every day!

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