Mitsuyado Sei-Men The House of Tsukemen

I'm a huge fan of ramen but this is the first time I've ever come across or even heard of tsukemen. Tsukemen is a kind of ramen that means dipping noodles (think deconstructed ramen). The noodles, dipping sauce / soup and toppings are all served seperately. Sigh, yet another reason to love the Japanese. 

I loved the authentic interior of the restaurant, I felt like a tourist in here! Although most of their customers are actually Japanese and Chinese (quite a lot of foreigners too) so maybe that added to the entire vibe... They've got televisions playing clips on how to eat tsukemen for those who are unfamiliar to the idea, just like the ones in Pepper Lunch.

Edamame PHP 80
There was a generous amount of salt in the edamame but nothing some scraping off wont fix! 
Black Pepper Chicken PHP 230
Teriyaki can get a bit boring sometimes so the black pepper added a nice twist to the plain old teriyaki chicken. The chicken was cooked really tender, too. We polished this off really quickly!

Gyoza PHP 180
Their gyoza was pretty standard and good, plus it wasn't too oily.

Cheese Sauce Tsukemen (regular) PHP 330
The cheese sauce tsukemen is their specialty according to the waitress. The cheese tasted a lot like Cheez Whiz and I actually have a feeling that it's made out of that, I could imagine kids going crazy over this one. Not my cup of tea, but my tita really liked it and said that she likes it better eaten with the cheese sauce. First you pour as much cheese sauce as you want onto the noodles, then dip and slurp away! 

Hiyashi Chuka (Japanese Cold Noodles) PHP 380
My dad has a thing for Japanse Cold Noodles (he orders cha soba in Japanese restaurants all the time) and I knew he was gonna pick this one. If you want something refreshing this is the one for you! I personally found this really yummy and it would be perfect for a hot day.

Hakata Tonkatsu Ramen (regular) PHP 380
For rainy, cooler days this would be my pick. It's the bestseller out of all the ramen and you're given a choice if you want thick or thin noodles. Ukokkei has always been my favorite ramen place and has stood unbeatable up to this day. I actually don't know if I would claim to like Mitsuyado Sei-Men better or not, because their taste is actually really different. Their noodles and broth are really different from each other, but definitely on that same level of yumminess. If you're a fan of Ukokkei I really recommend trying Mitsuyado Sei Men's regular ramens. 

Marutoku Tsukemen (regular) PHP 380
Since it is of course "The House of Tsukemen" I knew I had to try their tsukemen, but idea of cheese sauce just didn't appeal to me. I asked the waitress what she would recommend from the tsukemens aside from the cheese sauce and she pointed this one out. Their noodles are so chewy, possibly the chewiest noodles I've chewed. 

Their dipping sauce isn't entirely liquid, there are some chunks of meat, vegetables, fish cake and more that made the sauce / soup extra tasty. 

This comes with two pieces of chashu (pork) and a Japanese marinated soft boiled egg. You know a ramen place is good when they know how to make a mean ajitsuke tamago. You can either add the toppings into the dipping sauce or eat it separately, however you'd like. 
Just writing this post is making me crave for this again. Can't wait to try the other dishes on their menu like their curry rice! What's your favorite ramen bar?

Mitsuyado Sei-Men
Address: 22 Jupiter St., Bel Air, Makati City
Telephone No.: 511-1390

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  1. Oh myyy, everything looks so delicious! That pepper chicken and gyoza look the yummiest to me, hehe. n__n

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    1. My fault for not taking better pictures of the tsukemen and ramen! I didn't have a camera with me so I used my iPhone 4 to take the photos instead. But I agree, those two were really yummy :)

  2. You should try the Double Cheese Tsukemen next time. :)

    1. I do like parmesan so I'm thinking about trying that next time, thank you for the tip!! :)

  3. Yummy! Beautiful pics!!




    1. Thank you but I have to disagree! Just used my iPhone 4 so they're not really clear, thank you though Laura!!

  4. Yum!
    The edamame and chicken for me!

  5. Looks so GOOOOOD! I'm glad this place
    treated you and your stomach well c:
    I never had this ramen system before
    so I'd love to try this one out
    someday! Xx

    1. The pictures don't do it justice trust me :( Try to look for one near you I'm sure it exists!
      And I have to admit the whole system makes eating ramen more fun :D

  6. Oh my God sweetie!
    All looks so delicous! *..*
    Looks like a perfect plat to me!
    Thanks for this lovely post!


  7. Love your blog!
    Do you wanna follow each other?


  8. everything looks so good!! i want to eat it now! haha
    do you want to follow each other?

  9. You just got me hungry O___O !!