Japan '15 Food Photo Diary

Uni sushi, salmon sashimi, unagi sushi, miso soup and fried squid tentacles
What was left of the fried oysters
One hour wait in the Tsukiji Fish Market (thank goodness for menus with photos)
The different combinations of sashimi chirashi bowls are endless
Tamago, salmon, uni and tuna sashimi on top of Japanese rice with complimentary miso soup and tea 
Took a break from all the raw stuff and went with katsu for dinner that night
Every morning we got to choose, western buffet or a japanese set meal for breakfast - that morning we chose Japanese!
Ichiran ramen, famous for their ramen vending machine
Once you've ordered from the vending machine you fill up the customization sheet, press the bell and wait to be served

Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Shibuya
Lindt soft-serve ice cream
You can't leave Harajuku without buying a crepe!

Matcha ice cream, strawberries and mochi crepe with whipped cream
Dominique Ansel (genius creator of the cronut) Bakery in Omotesando
Frozen s'more, cookie shot and an iced cafe mocha
Tahitian vanilla ice cream and chocolate wafer crisps within a frozen marshmallow...and torched to order!
Another cafe hidden in the alleys of Omotesando, Cafe Kitsune, nearby their retail store Maison Kitsune 
Iced green tea and fox shaped butter cookie

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