Poco Deli

Citrus Delight PHP 130

Basically carbonated water or Sprite with various citrus fruits like grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime. Refreshing and served as a palate cleanser too for all the different kinds of meat we were eating.
German Sausage Single Sampler PHP 360
"German/Italian/Polish sausages, one big and three small sausages: Kielbasa, Nuernberger, Bratwurst, Cheese Krainer, Chicken Sausage, Bockwurst, or Frankfurter. Served with homemade sauerkraut and toasted NY bagel chips."

Tasty and full of flavor, you can really tell these sausages are homemade. Oh and don't forget to ask for some mustard! You're welcome.
Gourmet Tapa PHP 360
"Thinly sliced U.S. steak, pan-grilled with our special garlic marinade. Served with eggs and bacon rice."

I love me some tapa and this is hands down one of the best I've had! The meat was tender, the garlic marinade was really flavorful and the eggs were perfectly cooked.
Bacon Slab PHP 380
Thick, savory slices of bacon served with eggs and bacon rice. A taste of heaven for bacon lovers."

The only thing I like more than processed strips of bacon are thick juicy slabs of bacon. One of my favorites is from Cue in the Fort and this is definitely a competitor. The meat isn't tough at all and not too fatty!
Chili Seafood Pasta PHP 380
"Pomodoro sauce and seafood."

Probably my least favorite meal out of everything just because everything else was so good. I enjoyed this though after all the meat, rice and eggs. It's not something I would recommend for someone to order as their only dish since their meat is their specialty, but it's good for sharing for some variation.

Poco Deli
Address: 21 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City (beside Nav)
Email: poco.deli@gmail.com
Telephone No.: 477-4332
Mobile No.: (0922) 892-9211 / (0922) 892-9233
Other Branches: Ayala Triangle, Makati
*Wi-Fi Available


  1. The gourmet tapa looks scrumptious! Would want to try dining here soon! :D


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