Now Open: Inglot in Manila (Glorietta 5)

Inglot is a Polish cosmetics brand that I've heard about from a few beauty bloggers a couple of years back. It's not as widely known compared to other bigger brand names in the industry like MAC and Nars, but definitely has a solid growing fan base with over 400 retail locations around the world. Its first in the Philippines which just opened in Glorietta 5 two days ago; November 30, 2013!

They've got lots of makeup goodies to offer as well as nail polishes, makeup accessories and makeup brushes. Have you ever bought a makeup palette but not like every single shade included? Well what sets Inglot apart from all other cosmetic brands is their Freedom System. It enables shoppers to customize and build their own unique makeup palettes with the liberty to choose what palette (the base, the size containing how many shades you want) and what shades you like. The Freedom System is available for eye shadow (158 colors), blush (24 colors), face powder, concealer, eyebrow and lipstick (90 colors) palettes.

The freedom to make your own palette is convenient in so many ways. Whether you're a makeup artist or simply just a makeup lover like me, you'd surely love to check Inglot out. I left the store empty handed but that's just because I was so overwhelmed with everything that I was so indecisive. I can't wait for my next visit though and finally get to customize my own!

What do you think of the Freedom System?

Address: Ground Floor, Glorietta 5, Ayala Ave., Makati City (beside Starbucks)
Instagram: @inglotph


  1. I like the fact that you can arrange your
    own palette c: I've seen this brand before
    but didn't know its from Poland! Xx

  2. I really like the freedom system, how exciting I hope it opens here in Cebu.


  3. omg! I've heard so much about INGLOT products! have you tried any of their products ? :) I wish they opened up in Singapore / Hong Kong


  4. Is this their first branch here in Manila?

    ~Pauline @Kallony