Travel Skincare Bag

Morning Routine
A good morning cleanser (or second cleanser at night) since it doesn't remove makeup. I still prefer my Apivita 3 in 1 Cleansing Milk over this because it helps remove my makeup and smells even better.
My dermatologist recommends using a more gentle toner for the mornings. I just dispensed the toner into a 30 ml Muji spray bottle and I was good to go.
A product that I don't particularly like but will finish up, and also my only eye treatment at the moment. Plus it's travel friendly!
I can't get enough of this moisturizer and its scent! I would most definitely repurchase this again and again.
(not included in the photo)
Everyone needs SPF especially when traveling to a sunny country. The weather forecast predicted cloudy weather but it was anything but so I slathered this all over my face before putting on makeup and heading out to Orchard Road. 

Evening Routine
Traveling's the perfect time to use up those samples hiding at the back of your closet. I had a couple of Shu Uemura samples stashed away that my friend generously gave me and I was particularly excited about the cleansing oils. I've been meaning to purchase a cleansing oil but still haven't figured out what brand to go with yet. I'm leaning towards the Shu Uemura ones just because I've enjoyed using it and it dissolved my waterproof mascara like a dream.
While I used my Shu Uemura samples for my eye makeup, I opted for Bioderma for the rest of my face.
My second cleanser of choice since it wouldn't be practical to bring a separate morning and evening cleanser anyway.
I'm loving this toner and it will actually make an appearance in my October Favorites post real soon! The container though isn't suitable for traveling since it comes in a flip top squirt bottle (if you know what I mean) so I transferred some of the product to a 30 ml flip top Muji bottle
Again, it's not my favorite but it's there and it's already in travel size!
I didn't not like it but four nights of using this wasn't long enough to leave an impression on me. 

The only blemish busting product I decided to bring along with me in case a few popped up. 
I had a facial a few days before leaving for Singapore and was suffering from some hyper pigmentation afterwards and relied on this to get rid of the scars faster. 
My face usually gets dehydrated and bothered during plane rides so this was my mask of choice to redeem moisture and soothe my skin.
I brought this along with me in case my skin needed a quick pick me up.

Last but not least, some cotton pads for my toner and Bioderma.

If you can recommend to me any good cleansing oils, that would be great!


  1. La-Roche Posay Effaclar Duo is just amazing! It's always with me, everywhere I go! Great post xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

    1. Me too, especially since my main skin concern are whiteheads. Thank you Justine!!

  2. I've heard so many good reviews about this La-Roche!
    Nice skincare routine c; xx

    1. Thank you! I don't have the best skin but the routine has helped ♥

  3. The Bioderma bottle is so cute. I haven't tried any of their products before though.
    Also, love that bag, where is it from?


    1. It's a good brand you should try out some of their products you won't be disappointed! The pouch is from Coach, it's actually my mom's but I borrowed it from her :)

  4. wow you have a real good list of products here.... nice blog!

    check out my blogsale if you like =) http://tzeyien89.blogspot.co.uk/p/blogsale.html xxx

  5. your bioderma is so cute! I can't go anywhere without my caudalie elixer AND tea tree water. I need both!

  6. Some amazing products here, and omg that Bioderma bottle is so cute!!! :)

    Claire | AgentSmyth

    1. Isn't it?? It sucks how I can't open the bottle to refill when I run out though </3 I can't bare to throw it away!