Arajera Ear Pins

Arajera is an online store that sells jewelry like earrings, necklaces and rings; but what really caught my attention were her ear pins. She had a load of different designs on display like sterling silver and gold plated ear pins, bejeweled ones with colorful rhinestones, and birthstone designs that would make great birthday presents.

I scored these babies on the last day of the Urban Bazaar in the Rockwell Tent just last week. I say 'score' because I dropped by the bazaar on the first day and she was selling them for around PHP 650, but when I went back last Sunday evening she was having a 'last day sale' so Ara sold them to me for PHP 500 each. I was just lucky that both the designs I originally wanted were still in stock! I got the last gold plated wing ear pins, phew.

It was a bit tricky to put on at first, but I got the hang of it after a few tries. All you have to do is insert the pin in your ear pierce, and slide it upward. A trick that Ara taught me is to wear the ear pin like a dangling earring, then spin it around to wear it correctly. To avoid tarnishing, keep them stored in a sealed container, just like the one it comes with.

Arajera will be in another bazaar next weekend (September 6 - 8, from 11 am to 10 pm) called the Manila Sundance Bazaar in Metrowalk, with an entrance fee of PHP 50. If you live in the Philippines and won't be able to make it, check out her Facebook or Etsy shop to place orders.

What are your thoughts on ear pins?

Instagram: @arajera
Email: inquire@arajera.com
Mobile No.: (0917) 315-5664


  1. Wow they're so cute! I love them! Especially the little stars, adorable! x

  2. I love them! Especially those golden wings! xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  3. Both are really pretty! Are they plated? Or just stainless steel?

    1. The stars are sterling silver and the wings are gold plated :)

    2. Verrr niceeee. Would've looked at the seller strangely if they were just stainless steel.

  4. Really cuuuute ear pins c; Xx

  5. What a cool concept! I really like the star ones, it looks like an illustration of the path of a shooting star :)

  6. Thanks for your lovely comment, your blog is pretty too! And tkanks for following me girl:) I follow you too now! xx


  7. Found your blog today and love it :)
    Just followed your blog, hope you'll follow back :)


  8. I recently found your blog and i like it! I'm your new reader/follower. Anyway, I like those cute earrings! <3

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