Essie Fall 2013 Mini Set

Essie Fall 2013 Mini Set PHP 750, from the Urban Bazaar
The Lace is On | For the Twill of It | Cashmere Bathrobe | Vested Interest

"It's a material world. This fall, a textile-inspired nail color palette piles on the luxe and amps up the chic. Colors take their cues from rich flannels, sumptuous knits, hints of lace and ultra-fine silk twill - for sensuously seductive lacquer looks."

'Glistening jewel toned pearlescent fuchsia' is how Essie describes The Lace is On. My second favorite from the collection, which is also metallic number. I think they nailed the description pretty well. This is perfect for the girls out there who still want to sport a pop of color to their look during the fall.

It's pretty obvious who the star of the show is in Essie's collection this fall. For the Twill of It is 'a rich medium brown with reflective green shimmer'. I personally wouldn't describe it as brown at all, but sorta reminds of the rainbow that forms from oil leaks on the road, if you know what I'm saying. It's a unique shade that I already started obsessing over since I laid eyes on it. It's also the reason why I bought this set in the first place!

Cashmere Bathrobe, a cool toned 'true flannel gray' with tiny, tiny subtle specks of silver that isn't noticeable from afar. I can see this as being my new go-to gray!

Lastly is Vested Interest, a 'cool gray teal' which is the color I'm probably least excited about in the collection.

I think Essie did a good job in planning this fall's collection, there's definitely something in here for every kind of girl to love. They have bright shades for those who like some color on their fingertips all year round or as transitional colors to fall, an edgy and daring shade, and a few more standard fall cool toned polishes. There are two other colors from the collection that aren't part of the mini set, which are Twin Sweater Set a 'vibrant crimson red' and After School Boy Blazer a 'academy blue black' that's gorgeous and I wish was in the mini set instead of Vested Interest.

What do you think of Essie's Fall 2013 Collection?


  1. hello jess! i got it from Denmark, they were sent for review :) love this collection esp the reddish one, so autumn :)

  2. These colours are perfect for autumn! I love the purple-y grey one! :)

  3. Love love the colors!!!


  4. Great colors!

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    1. Thank you for your comments on my blog!
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  5. Wow! These are lovely colors!

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  6. Omigosh - I would literally wear every single colour in this collection! Love it, thanks for the review!

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  7. I love Essie, and those colours are gorgeous. We are just heading towards spring here in Australia, so we may be lucky to see this collection later when we head towards autumn!


  8. Sweet - I want to try them!



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  10. these are all lovely!

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  11. Wow, beautiful colours! They're all perfect for fall, gotta love Essie nail polishes :)

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  12. Gorgeous colors! Love the two-toned one the best!