Wildflour Cafe + Bakery (BGC)

Complimentary baguette and butter

In most Filipino households, there are four meals a day not three. There's breakfast, lunch, marienda and dinner. My mom and I came from a hot yoga class so we were tired, hungry and ready for our marienda!
Vietnamese Latte (small) PHP 115
Iced Cubano PHP 115
"Espresso, cinnamon"
It was a rainy day and we were both in the mood for some coffee. I chose the Iced Cubano which I really liked, but it's not for those who don't prefer their coffee strong and the taste of cinnamon. My mom enjoyed her Vietnamese Latte, and she usually likes her coffee sweet.
Tarte Flambee: fuji apples, brie, arugula, port wine reduction PHP 425
My mom and I are crazy about brie so the choice of flavor for our tarte flamee was a no brainer. I really like Wildflour's tarte flambees because the dough is airy, crispy and somewhat flaky. It was so good I could eat one whole all to myself. I know not everyone appreciates brie since it's an acquired taste, but the brie taste is faint enough for non brie lovers to like. The post wine reduction sauce adds a tangy edge.
My mom and I were originally planning on having cronuts with our coffee but when we got there they said there was none left. Then just as we were finishing up our flambee a customer cancelled their three box order of cronuts. It all ran out in less then a minute...
Chocolate Cronut PHP 120 + Dulce de Leche Premium Cronut PHP 150
Wilfdlour Cafe + Bakery (Bonifacio Global City)
Address: Net Lima Building, 4th ave. cor. 26th street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Telephone No.: 856-7600


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  3. wow everything looks amazing!!


  4. Aww, the coffee art is so cute! I like the idea of four meals instead of three, especially because I always get so hungry between lunch and dinner!

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  7. i tried their cronuts a few days ago! since i'm not really a fan of croissants, i didn't like the fusion much. But i would definitely like to try their other food! :)

  8. WOW!!! all the foods and the drinks look super yummy!! totally make me hungry now in the middle of the night!!! love your post dear!! wanna follow each other? let me know dear♥


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  10. The little face in latte makes me smile haha! Looks like you had a great time! nom nom! x

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  12. They all look so good! Especially the cronuts! Mmm!