Kabila Filipino Bistro


Thai Iced Tea PHP 120
Order this if you don't mind having sweet milky drinks to go with your meal, or even have it with your dessert. I don't really get why they serve Thai iced tea in a Filipino restaurant but I'm glad they do!

Roasted Pork Bicol Express PHP 325
"Crispy sili leaves, coconut + served on a niyog"
I don't see no niyog (coconut)...

I've never tried Bicol Express but Marco has and he said that this is the best he's ever had. The pork was practically swimming in the tasty sauce, and had just the right amount of spice to it. We poured the sauce all over our piping hot rice and it was heaven. The crispy sili leaves were also a nice touch, to add a different texture to the dish and add a pop of color for presentation.

Kabila's Pork Bagnet PHP 395
"Sukang Ilocos, chili rock salt & 'KBL' - kamatis, bagoong balayan, lasunga relish"

Though the pork bagnet would've been good on it's own, the condiments made this dish shine even brighter. When cooking lechon kawali, the meat usually tends to get fried too much and ends up being really dry. What's great about this is that the meat was completely tender while still having that crunchy balat.

White Pandan Rice (right most) PHP 95
Just because a Filipino meal isn't complete without some plain old white rice!

The Impossible Cake PHP 295
Leche flan on top of dense chocolate cake with a side of candied nuts. What better way to polish off a meal than to have a two-in-one dessert? The leche flan didn't really have the same consistency of a regular flan, it had to be a bit more compact to remain it's position on top of the cake - but the flavor was definitely still there.


Address: GF Greenbelt 4, Makati Ave. cor. Dela Rosa St., Ayala Center, Makati (below the Ayala Museum)
Telephone No.: 757-3000

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