Korea: Cat Cafe in Myeong Dong

Somewhere in Myeong Dong (near Laneige)

The Cat Cafe is located on the 6th floor. In the elevator is a list of some do's and dont's inside the cafe.

If you haven't heard of cat cafes before they're just your ordinary cafe where you can get drinks, except with a couple of cats laying around that you can play with. Cat Cafes are quite popular in Korea and in some other countries as well like Japan and Thailand. I didn't even have to look for one - I bumped into two cat cafes while just walking around Myeong Dong which probably gives you an idea of how popular they are. I went on a weekday at night and there were about 8 other people which were mostly couples.

Once you go inside the cafe there's a small room where you have to change into slippers. They have kid sizes available too.

It costs 8000 won (around 400 pesos) to enter and that comes with one free drink of your choice. Another rule before going in, aside from changing into slippers, is to sanitize your hands (you'll find hand sanitizers laying around the cafe that you can use for free.) Also, the cats are allowed to roam freely wherever they like including the kitchen area and on top of the tables, just for your information.

You can also purchase some cat treats at the counter if you'd like to feed them.

I ordered an Iced (Hot) Chocolate which was yummy but didn't really end up paying much attention to after awhile... Too many cute kitties!
I didn't even realize the cat design on my drink 'til someone pointed it out. How cute?

Women, men and cats bathrooms.

As soon as you step in the cafe you'll first be greeted by the faint smell of cats. It did not stink at all which surprised me but you'll definitely smell something, you'll get used to it though and forget about it after a minute. The cafe was also really clean - no sign of cat waste anywhere.

There are a total of twenty cats of different breeds in the cafe. It seems like a lot but the cafe is quite spacious and a lot of them were either sleeping or just chilling high up on their beds.

Some sanitizer and lint rollers which you'll surely need afterwards.

Some blankets if you wanna sit on the ground or use with the cat toys. (Those cat toys with the stick attached to them aren't meant to be dangled in front of their faces, people. Put it under a blanket and pull the stick to make the illusion of a mouse moving.)

Some cat toys!

I wanted to bring this little guy home with me so bad!!!!


  1. Aww this is so adorable! I've heard about these "cat cafes" before and I think they'd be very therapeutic. Plus I love the cat design on your coffee :)

    Ellie | Ellalogy 

    1. I loved it, I didn't wanna leave!! I've also heard of dog cafes before but I think that might be a little too crazy and not so relaxing even if I'm more of a dog person. If you get the chance to, go! You won't regret it :)

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