Yoga+ Ortigas

Right beside the air-con is a place where you can leave your shoes. Their studio is extremely clean so you don't have to worry about getting your feet dirty while walking around, even in the locker rooms

They have a water dispenser where you can get hot, warm, or cold water for free. Just make sure to bring your own water bottle

Their lockers are a bit small so avoid bringing unnecessary things

Locker keys are provided so you don't have to bring your own key, unlike in other yoga studios

Each shower stall contains a small area where you can change. There are about eight shower stalls

They also have a place where you can just change

They also provide two free towels, one to lay on top of the mat and another for showering or to just wipe your sweat

They also provide free yoga mats for everyone

Sorry for the low quality photos! I just used my iPhone's camera to take these

Comments / More Information:
- Everything that you need is basically there in the studio already. They provide yoga mats, towels, locker keys, and water. All you have to bring is yourself, your water bottle, and an extra set of clothes to change into afterwards
- In Sundar Bikram Yoga and Core Yoga, you have to either bring your own yoga mat or borrow one from them and pay
- I like how their studio only has three rows and that the mats are already in a fixed position, so you can still easily see yourself in the front mirror. While in Sundar Bikram Yoga where it goes up to 4 rows, I find it harder to concentrate when I'm left with the back row. In Sundar Bikram Yoga and Core Yoga, you can pick your own spot and place your mat wherever you want so sometimes the place gets too cramped
- Sundar Bikram Yoga and Core Yoga have exactly the same positions for their hot yoga. Yoga+'s hot yoga had more positions
- Yoga+ offers 6 different kids of yoga: Hot A, Hot B, Hot C, Flow, Power Hour, Led Ashtanga
- If you're a yoga first timer or a Yoga+ first timer, go thirty minutes earlier before the class so you can fill up the waiver form and so that the instructor can give you a quick orientation
- They have a promo for first timers: PHP 1000 for one week unlimited and PHP 3000 for one month unlimited
- You might be a little confused with their elevators because some of the elevators don't go all the way up to the 22nd floor. Just read the signs beside the elevators, then punch in 22 on the dial and it will tell you which elevator to use
- The 22nd floor is the Wellness Complex, aside from Yoga+ you'll find the 360 Fitness Club (gym), Polecats Manila (pole dancing), Yellow Halo (restaurant that offers 500-calories-or-less meals), a derma, and Spaholics (a nail & blow dry bar)
- After my first yoga class in Yoga+ Ortigas awhile ago, I can already honestly say that it's by far my favorite yoga studio
- Check out their website for class descriptions, class schedules, photos of their studio, and more

Yoga+ Ortigas
Address: 22nd Floor Strata 100 Building, F. Ortigas Jr. Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City (building where McDonald's is located)
Website: http://yogaplus.ph/ 
Telephone No.: 631-0073
Mobile No.: (0917) 823-8567
Email: info@yogaplus.ph
Other Branch: Bonifacio Global City


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  2. Beautiful space, I feel more relaxed already! Amazing blog by the way!
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  3. I've never tried yoga, but I have always wanted to. I have such a hard time relaxing. I really like your blog! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I'm from England) as I post my outfits, likes and more :) :)


    1. You should try it!! You'll feel amazing after each class :)
      Aw thank you so much!! Yeah definitely! Gonna go check it out now ♥

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