Guava Iced Tea PHP 85
I'm obsessed with Hyatt's Guava Iced Tea so I figured I'd give theirs a try and see if it's any similar. It actually tastes completely different but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It's more on the sour side and its sourness is tamed by the tea infusion.
Pineapple & Mint PHP 85
Once I spot the word 'mint' on the drink list I'm sold, especially if the drink contains something sour. The combination of a citrus / sour fruit with mint is just so refreshing and delicious. Acts as a palate cleanser too!
Spinach Salad PHP 250
"With brie cheese, candied cashews & raspberry dressing"
Not to mention bacon! Not the frozen strips that we all know and love, but the liempo kind.
Mom's Meatloaf PHP 250
"With mashed potatoes / rice & garden veggies"
I know the star of this dish is the meatloaf but dang the mashed potatoes were good. Now I haven't tried meat loaf ever in my life before so I'm not one to judge, but I thought it was pretty good. According to my mom though, my grandma's is better!
Roast Chicken PHP 310
"With mashed potatoes / rice & garden veggies"
My dad ordered this but I personally wouldn't order roast chicken in any restaurant, just because I think it's boring. It was alright, the chicken was slightly dry and the garlic rice wasn't anything special.
Flourless Double Chocolate Cookie PHP 55
I'm a soft and chewy cookie lover and a brittle cookie hater, but this was an exception. It was really chocolate-y and ridiculously light, the cashews made it extra yummy too! We left no crumbs. If only I had a glass of fresh milk with me...sigh.
Calamansi Tart PHP 85
Tangy, smooth, with a kick of tartness from the calamansi - perfect to share. 

Address: 424 Ortigas Ave. Ronac Art Center Building, North Greenhills, San Juan, Philippines
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/givemeyourlunchbox
Email: givemeyourlunchbox@gmail.com
Telephone No.: 477-4079


  1. This looks incredible - especially the salad and the cookie - It's made me feel quite hungry looking at these pictures. If I ever go to the Philippines, I'll definitely be finding Lunchbox!

    Christina | Passion Obsession

  2. Oh my gosh! This just looks divine!


  3. Everything looks so yummy! Especially the Calamansi Tart!


  4. Wow, nice food place! Love the interior and the room is so deep :P
    but they kept it clean and woody. The food and drink looks and
    sounds great! Xx

  5. Oh my goodness what an adorable place!!
    And I'm drooling over the spinach salad! Ahhhh



  6. I haven't even noticed this, and I pass through Greenhills a lot! Nice find, nakakatakam especially the calamansi tarte :)