Forever 21 Pink French Bulldog Tweezers

Forever 21 Pink French Bulldog Tweezers PHP 105

I was in Forever 21 yesterday for the first day of the 3 Day Sale in SM Megamall to shop for some workout clothes when I spotted this. I was in a hurry with a had a handful of sports bras and a pair of leggings and I just had to sneak this one in when I saw it laying on the counter. (Those items by the counter get me every time.) It was a toss up between this Pink French Bulldog one and the Black Persian Cat one, it was a close call but I'm happy with my pick.

I've been needing a decent pair of tweezers (I always borrow my mom's) for awhile now anyway. I've always wanted ones by Tweezerman because it's supposed to be great quality but I'd always hold back because spending roughly around $20 on tweezers seem loopy to me. Yet the cheap ones just don't make the cut, I have one that came in a set and it would always slip off a strand of hair instead of plucking it.

It's obviously the pink, french bulldogs and price that got me sold, but it's actually really good quality too. I tried using them this morning on my eyebrows, which recently got threaded, and it was able to grip on to the tiny fine strands that just started growing and plucked them away with ease. It also has a slanted tip, which I prefer with tweezers. The rubberized design stuck to the tweezers aren't just there to be cute, but provides a good grip to the one tweezing.

What brand is your tweezer from?


  1. Ooh this looks really cute. I love cute tweezers, not that it makes any difference to its use haha. I think mine were quite pricey cause they're gold plated. Worth it though because it's lasted forever and gives a better grip.


  2. Aww they're so cute! I got really pretty floral ones from my local supermarket for around £4 and they're fab!

  3. Who doesn't love French bulldogs really? c: Glad this
    set works well for you! Xx

  4. These tweezers are so cute! Currently I'm using a pair from Sally Hansen... when they had a 50% off sale haha! I really want Tweezerman ones too but like you said, it is pretty loopy to spend so much just on tweezers :P