Grace Park

Baked Chicharon 2-Ways (Prosciutto + Salmon Roe) PHP 225

Sardine Spread PHP 250

Red Grape Shake

Dalandan Shake

3 Page Salad PHP 220
"Organic field greens with honey-dijon dressing"

Gramigna, Wine Tomatoes, Smoked White Cheese (20 mins) PHP 380

Fettuccine, Truffle Cream, Organic Egg PHP 550
*only half of the order is shown in the photo because we asked them to split it into two

Muscovado Beef Belly PHP 510

My personal favorite!

River Prawns in Anchovy-Butter PHP 795
Don't be fooled by the size of these prawns, it's just the head that's huge! The actual meat that you'll get from the river prawn is just the size of a regular shrimp. Still really tasty though and delicious with the cherry tomatoes.

I finally got the chance to try One Rockwell's newest restaurant addition that's located between Bizu and UCC. It was my first time eating here and I loved the vintage, rustic vibe of the restaurant instantly. The interior spoke well of the kind of food that they offer here - fresh and organic ingredients made into sinful and indulgent dishes. Loved everything that we ordered, can't wait to try the OMG Burger and Meatballs on my next visit! 

Grace Park
Address: G/F One Rockwell West Tower, Rockwell Drive Makati, Metro Manila
Mobile No.: (0917)513-8945
Telephone No.: 843-7275


  1. Oh my, food in other parts of the world are so INTERESTING!!!!

    Great photos!