Achiote Taqueria

Fully Dressed (includes all toppings: dinelli bacon, sunflower seeds, sun-dried tomatoes, spicy roasted peppers, queso catija) Guacamole Bar "Tomatillo and roasted poblano guacamole with just-baked tortilla chips and achiote-chipotle, roasted tomato salsa" PHP 370


Frozen Virgin Margarita "Our perfect mix of the highest quality ingredients, blended to perfection" PHP 195

Sugar rim

Achiote Chicken "Grilled free-range chicken breast fillet, fajita veggies, black beans, Mexican cheese mix, cilantro-cream, avocado, arugula leaves" PHP 375

Cochinita Pibil "Yucatan pulled pork, black beans, pickled red onions, salsa rojo" PHP 345

Burrito Matador "Barbacoa, tripas, refried beans, cilantro lime rice, salsa rojo, pico de gallo, cheddar cheese mix, sour cream, lettuce" PHP 425

Menu (yellow photos) and "Create Your Own" Menu (white photos)

Comments / More Information:
- Their Frozen Virgin Margarita was like frozen lemonade. I really liked this but my parents thought it was too sour
- Their burritos are not as big as compared to the burritos from Ristras and B&T Mexican Kitchen, but actually the perfect size for one person. I was able to finish mine all on my own and got really full
- You can enjoy any of their burritos through your choice of style: fajita burrito, burrito bowl (open faced) or chimichangga (deep fried) This information wasn't stated anywhere I just had to ask the waitress
- For their sandwiches there are two different kinds of bread you can choose from. The waitress didn't bother to ask my mom and my tita which one they'd prefer so they had to just settle with whatever was served to them

Achiote Taqueria
Address: R1 Level Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City (sandwiched between Mamou and Kuretake; there's no direct entrance to the restaurant from the mall so you have to go out of the mall by the Via Mare exit to get there)
Telephone No.: 822-1242, 822-0273


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  3. Try eating there again and request for Bonita to be your server, she can give your parents a good taste of meal. She'll assist your mom or whoever you're with the way you wanted to. I had a lot of complains before when I first ate here, but the second try and then Bonita was my server. It changed my mind. (:


    1. Thank you po so much for your comment!! I extremely appreciate you taking your time to write that down. Will definitely come back and ask for Bonita! Thank you again :)